# 1 Chicken Wings With Fries 7.99
(Buffalo, BBQ or Home Style)

#2 Grilled Chicken Panini with Broccoli Rabe 7.99
(Broccoli rabe grilled chicken fresh mozzarella)

 # 6 Spaghetti Romana 7,99

(Sautéed spinach light seasoned breadcrumb grated cheese baked to finish) 

# 4 Max’s May Salad 7.99
(Grilled Chicken chick peas romaine lettuce cucumbers diced fresh mozzarella)

# 5 Baked 2 meats Rigatoni 7.99
(In a red marinara sauce w Italian sausage and meatballs)

# 3 Fresh tomato Cucumber salad 7.99
(sliced tomato cucumbers green olives fresh Mozzarella basil garlic)

# 7 Penne alla Nonna 7.99
(Plum tomato sweet onions pancetta mushrooms and black olives)

# 8 Burger Italiano 7.99
(Fresh beef burger with red sauce and provolone cheese served w fries)

Please allow us 15 to 20  minutes to cook your meal

 don’t forget to tell us about any allergies you might have.

Have a Wonderfull Day and Thank You for Visiting Max’s


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